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Simple enough

Hey all .. just checking in ..

Name: Alison
Age: 16
Location: Malaysia
Gender: Female
Birthday: 18th Sept

Simple Plan related...
When I first heard of this band called Simple Plan I was 'meh .. just another punk-pop band to add to the people I hate list' .. then I listened more and their music got more meaningful .. and I finaly went to see them live in concert and the rest they say is history

Favorite song, and why: Crazy - The lyrics are true to me and it symbolizes a lot that's been going on in my life now.

Favorite band member, and why: David - He's just the most appealing to me .. and I love his story and what he has to say and the way he plays that bass

Favorite concert, if you've been to any: Kiara Equestian Arena for their SNGA tour.

How often do you check SimplePlan.com? every 3 days I should think

Are you an Invasion Crew member? Nah I don't know what's it about actually.

Who's Pat? Their manager .. I should think so .. he's a cool person

What SP merchandise do you own? i USED to own a guitar pick by Sebastien which he threw at a concert. AND I LOST IT!!! ( I'm still fuming about that ), Still Not Getting Any CD and VCD, A big package for you, Bookmarks, Posters

Name a SP quote. It can be from the DVD, a concert, or a TV show they've been in: Shut up you Mofo's - Pierre

Who do you think's the hottest member of the band? David .. or Seb .. both!
Sporks or foons? Foons alright
Last thing you listened to (it can be anything - not necessarily Simple Plan: Vertigo - U2
Top 5 bands: Simple Plan, Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day

Optional: { I would if I could }

Optional: See above

--------- end ---------- rawr
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