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Name: Shayna
Age: 14
Location: Michigan
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 12

Simple Plan related...
When did you first hear about Simple Plan, and what was your first thought about them? I first got into them when I'm just a kid became famous but I started getting obsessed when my friend Ben told me more about them in 2004.
Favorite song, and why: Thank You, because it describes something that happened to me.
Favorite band member, and why: David, well everything about him is wonderful. I could go on and on forever.
Favorite concert, if you've been to any: I have not been to one yet but I will be attending the May 10 show in Ohio.
How often do you check Daily, weekly, monthly...? Daily
Are you an Invasion Crew member? Yes
Who's Pat? Their best friend and takes care of a lot of business for them
What SP merchandise do you own? (Their CD, singles, and DVD count too) Both Cds, ABPFY, Posters, magazines, singles, patches, media.
Name a SP quote. It can be from the DVD, a concert, or a TV show they've been in: "Im Up and running like they say"

Who do you think's the hottest member of the band? David
Sporks or foons? Sporks
Last thing you listened to (it can be anything - not necessarily Simple Plan: Good Charlotte
Top 5 bands: Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Senses Fail, Sum 41

Optional: Post pictures of your SP merchandise! Scanner is disabled and so it camera

Optional: Post pictures of yourself: Look above
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